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Olive oil has changed the culinary landscape unlike any other single ingredient I can think of - at least it has in my kitchen, both as a home cook and as a culinary professional. My mother did not use olive oil as a cooking oil - and most likely did not even know of it as our ethnicity is central European,  It wasn't until my early adult years that I began to eat Italian foods that were made with olive oils and then I began to cook with and enjoy olive oils in my own kitchen. Who knew (surely I did not) that this ingredient would explode into such a competitive and ever expanding market that we see today.

There was a time when olive oil in the U.S. was known to a small segment of the population - as cooks mostly used butter and lard.  Fast forward many decades --  we now have so many olive oils to choose from on the shelves of any supermarket, specialty food stores and big warehouse stores such as Costco, I can't help but wonder how they all make money!

In the marketing game, this is where advertising steps in and the olive oil that bombards the consumer with its brand name can be assured of a good share of the market, or at least a good location on the supermarket shelf. But is that the olive oil that tastes the best? Is it really an extra virgin olive oil from Italy, Spain, Turkey or Greece?  Reading the label carefully is the only way to insure where the olives used to make the oil are coming from.  Is the olive oil from the "first cold pressing"?  Does the label say "extra virgin olive oil" or just "olive oil"? To check on the answers to the above questions, go to


I was shopping at Whole Foods at Union Square in NYC recently, and came upon a tasting of Olave Extra Virgin Olive Oil which also is classified as Organic. At first I thought to myself "oh well, just another olive oil", but from the first taste I could tell that this wasn't just another olive oil - I was sold!  JosÚ Miguel Cuevas is in charge of Marketing for Olave USA and was conducting the tasting and proceeded to educate me about Olave organic extra virgin olive oils.  More later on where you can find Olave. This brand has three organic certifications: 



USDA Organic Certification

Institute for Marketecology of Switzerland

Japan organic certification
Adding to their organic certifications, Olave also adheres to HACCP - a quality certification for their processing and operations.

Latitude: 33░ 47' S
Longitude: 71░ 52' W
1,132 feet above sea level


Chile is a long, narrow country on the west coast of South America. It is over 10 times as long as it is wide and stretches about 4,265 kilometers from Peru in the north to the southern tip of the continent.  The country's history is as extensive as its coastline is long. Because of its perfect, mild, seasonal climate, nutritious soil, and vast areas of land, Chile is fast becoming one of the most desired countries for producing and exporting goods.  Ingredients and wine from Chile as many of us know have been getting a lot of attention over the past decade for their unique, full, fresh flavors and unexhausted characteristics.

Now Chile is also producing a new and remarkable organic extra virgin olive oil named OLAVE named for the owner, Elvio Olave.  Elvio is a successful entrepreneur in the Chilean agribusiness sector who has financed the olive oil venture himself.

Elvio and his staff of dedicated employees strive and succeed in producing an excellent tasting and performing olive oil and strive to preserve the organic lands where the olive trees grow which were transplanted from the prime olive growing regions of Italy, Spain and Greece. 


The variety of olives that make up the organic extra virgin olive oil are:

Frantoio - providing the base, noble, fine quality
Leccino - for freshness
Arbequina - for fruit tones such as green apples, bananas, artichokes
and Coratina - hot, bitter tones; high presence of antioxidants.

The oils from these olives produce a delicate flavor profile that supports and enhances any foods.   Being 100% organic, Olave uses the latest technology in natural predators used to control pests and expensive methods are used to produce a pure organic product.  Neither the tree, nor the soil ever receives pesticides or hormones. This is the first pure organic super premium virgin product of significant volume.

The acidity level of Olave Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 0.15% - and as most other EV olive oils in the U.S. market are at a 1% acidity level, Olave's has to be the lowest acidity level that I've come across - and I've bought and tasted many many olive oils!

Olave Organic Monovarietal
Arbusana (left)
Nocellara del Belice (right)

There are two organic monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils made by Olave which are shown in the photos above in bowls with bread for tasting - my preference was for the Arbusana varietal olive oil - although the Nocellara del Belice was also good.  Both of these varietal olive oils have the IMO organic certification as well as HACCP, the quality certification.

There are three infused Olave Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oils - Garlic, Basil and Lemon - all three infusions are perfectly blended and create an aromatic and delicious tasting infused olive oils that can be used in a variety of ways - see photo above.

In addition to Olave Organic, you may find bottles of Olave labeled Premium Selection extra virgin olive oils.  This line of olive oils come from a field that is not as yet certified organic and therefore cannot be labeled as such.  The Premium Selection has a tad more acidity (0.20%) than the Organic labeled oil and there is a slight flavor difference in the flavor of Premium Selection due to the terroir on which the olives grow.

Not all stores where Olave can be purchased carry all of the oils mentioned above. You can find Olave olive oils at various online retailers.  Also, if you go to the website of some of these food retailers, you can purchase Olave products online. One online retailer selling Olave is 

Here is a list of stores in NYC/NJ and the selection of Olave that they are currently selling:

Amish Market - Organic
Balducci's - Infused, Organic and Premium Selection
Blue Apron (Brooklyn) Organic and Premium Selection
Caputo's (Brooklyn) Organic and Premium Selection
Dean & Deluca - Organic
Fairway Market - Infused, Organic and Premium Selection
Food Emporium - Bridgemarket-59th St.& First Ave. Infused, Organic and Premium Selection
Food Emporium - all other stores - Premium Selection only
Garden of Eden - Organic
Gourmet Garage - Infused and Premium Selection
Mrs. Green's Natural Market - Organic
Ideal Cheese - Organic
Kalustyan's - Organic
King's (NJ) - Premium Selection
Life Thyme Natural Market - Organic and Premium Selection
Murray's Cheese - Organic
Union Market (Brooklyn) - Organic and Premium Selection
Whole food Market - Infused, Organic and Premium Selection
Zabar's - Organic

Below are photos of foods I prepared with Olave Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Infused Oils.


Pasta, tomatoes, shrimp, drizzled with Olave

Zucchini coated with Garlic infused Olave

Stove top grilling of zucchini and sweet red peppers

Salmon fillets, polenta stars, sauteed in Olave Finished dish, salmon drizzled with lemon infused Olave Olave Organic Olives
Chicken satÚ drizzled with garlic infused Olave Finished dish - chicken satÚ with salad - vinaigrette made with Olave Believe it or not - flourless chocolate cake or molten chocolate cake with basil infused Olave 




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